Don’t Try To Control Me


Don’t try to control me. I am not some Ken doll you can dress up, I’m not some remote switch you can switch on and off. I’m not a TV that all you have to do is pick up a remote and change the channel. I am not easily controlled, I am not some one you can take over. Don’t think you can just do what ever you want with me. I am my own person, I make my own decisions. You do not control me, you do not walk all over me like some throw rug. I am not something you control, I am a human being, I breath, and I have feelings, and I have my own thoughts. I am not some object you can control. I refuse any of that, I refuse all of that. I will not stand for any of it, I will not let any one on this earth control me. This is the end of it, no more being controlled by any one any more.


One Step At A Time



As humans we move fast, to fast. Some times we just need to slow it down. I know it my sound hard, but living life fast is not healthy. All entire schedule is jammed packed with stuff we “Quote Unquote need to do” Some times we just need to relax, chill down, just rest. There are days when I just need to sleep, when I need to forget about my schedule and just wind down. The entire human race is all caught up in being fast,fats,fast. But we just have to slow the pace down a little bit. We don’t all ways have to feel like the Flash all the time, we just need to stop running and let friction do the work.


Stranded On the Hudson River


Last summer I did a program called City Sail. I am also doing it this year, but last year I had a exciting yet scary experience. I GOT STRANDED ON THE HUDSON. Yes I got stranded, we had sail boats, so we use a motor to get off the dock and into the ocean. Everything was doing fine till the motor died. It just went POOF!, there we were floating in the middle of the Hudson. everything one in my team thought we were going to die, but we didn’t. Alex, he was the adult on are boat. he called his friend form Off Shore Sailing School(They help out with City Sail). He came and towed us back to the docks, It was a once in a life time experience. the good thing is I’m still alive.


I’m Ready To Fly


I’m Ready to fly, not literally.  What I mean is let your dreams soar. Don’t let gravity control your dreams. Let your dreams travel as high as the heavens. Don’t limit your dreams, limits are only reasons not to try. If you don’t try you’ll only regret it. Don’t give up on your dreams, let them soar, let them never see ground. Give your dreams a chance.


Silence Will NOT Fall

ButtercupThe world is afraid of what they can’t control. They try to control what you think, say, and do. Don’t fall into that trap, don’t let yourself be controlled by others. believe what you want to believe, don’t let others control that. They expect us to be silent, they expect us to hide in corner and fall silent. Well I am here to say I WILL NOT BE SILENT. I will not conform to the belief’s and I deals of others. I will not follow the crowd, I will no longer pretend. If anybody stands up for what they believe, the world attacks them. The world wants to put tape over there mouth, the world hides them deep in the dark where no one will find them. But we will do the opposite, we will not follow the world. We will create our own path and follow that. Will not not let the world silent us, we will not be controlled.

Silence Will NOT Fall

1 Year Of YouTubeing


I have been doing YouTube for 1 year. And I learned a lot, so here are some things I’ve learned.

  1. THE SUBSCRIBERS WILL COME – I expected for the subscribers to just come and flood my channel. But I had to wait, sooner or later they will come.
  2. THE VIEWS WILL ALSO COME – Just like the subscribers, I expected my videos to get thousands of views in just days. But you have to wait, If your videos are good, the views will come. All you have to do is wait.
  3. BE YOURSELF – If you act like someone else, people will notice. Just act like yourself, people will like you a lot better. be comfortable, if you pretend youtube will just feel like a burden.
  4. HAVE FUN WITH IT – Don’t just do YouTube because you want to get famous. Because that might never happen, do it because you love it. Don’t let it feel like a burden.

       I hope this helps anybody thinking about starting a Channel.