Quote Of The Month|July


“There some good left in this world, Mr. Frodo and it’s worth fighting for- J.R.R. Tolkien The Two Towers.

July 4th is Independence Day

Today we remember the brave men who lost there lives fighting for this country, all those years ago. They believed that the good left in the world was worth dying for, they would not stand and watch as there freedom was taken away from them. They fought the dark, so that the light could shine. They are the reason why we are celebrating today. So as you eat your burger, remember those who lost there lives so you can have a better tomorrow.


The Road less Traveled



I named this Blog “Following The Yellow Brick Road” for many reasons. One being that I love the wizard of oz. Two being that it’s the name of my hard road. Everyone in there life chooses a path or road to take. You can choose the easy or hard road. The easy road is easy but other people control you. They control what you think say and do, you are so caught up in fitting in that you forget who you are. But the hard road is different, you are in full control. Of course people will judge you, but there are only doing that because you think different form them. On this road you live life the way you want to, not the way people think you should. Yes it might be hard, but it’s better them conforming to the belief’s and ideals of others.

Quote Of The Month|June

c-s-lewis-aslanYou doubt your Value, don’t run from who you areĀ – Aslan The chronicles of Narnia the lion, the witch and the wardrobe.

June is PRIDE Month!

We should not be afraid of being ourselves. We should stand up for each other and not just stand by and watch them fight. No one should fight for the right to be them selves, that is wrong and it needs to stop. Every one once in their life doubt’s there value, you are perfect, and you don’t need to change for anyone.


Summer Challenge 2017

Welcome to Summer Challenge 2017!t-src17logo-webnobg


The Challenge is to write a book over the summer. to complete the challenge it can be a completed draft of your book, or a finished book. But it has to be a complete book, it can’t on be like five chapters long. It can be on what ever you want, let you Imagination soar. Just have fun with it. At the end of the Summer, when your done your book, comment the name of your book in the comments below.In the comment write a small bio on your book, because one lucky winner will receive a prize. I will read the winners book, and i will also write a review of there book on this Blog, I will also do a review of there book on my YouTube Channel. So make the small bio’s of your book interesting. If you guys have any questions please comment down below. HOPE YOU GUYS HAVE FUN!