Silence Will NOT Fall

ButtercupThe world is afraid of what they can’t control. They try to control what you think, say, and do. Don’t fall into that trap, don’t let yourself be controlled by others. believe what you want to believe, don’t let others control that. They expect us to be silent, they expect us to hide in corner and fall silent. Well I am here to say I WILL NOT BE SILENT. I will not conform to the belief’s and I deals of others. I will not follow the crowd, I will no longer pretend. If anybody stands up for what they believe, the world attacks them. The world wants to put tape over there mouth, the world hides them deep in the dark where no one will find them. But we will do the opposite, we will not follow the world. We will create our own path and follow that. Will not not let the world silent us, we will not be controlled.

Silence Will NOT Fall