1 Year Of YouTubeing


I have been doing YouTube for 1 year. And I learned a lot, so here are some things I’ve learned.

  1. THE SUBSCRIBERS WILL COME – I expected for the subscribers to just come and flood my channel. But I had to wait, sooner or later they will come.
  2. THE VIEWS WILL ALSO COME – Just like the subscribers, I expected my videos to get thousands of views in just days. But you have to wait, If your videos are good, the views will come. All you have to do is wait.
  3. BE YOURSELF – If you act like someone else, people will notice. Just act like yourself, people will like you a lot better. be comfortable, if you pretend youtube will just feel like a burden.
  4. HAVE FUN WITH IT – Don’t just do YouTube because you want to get famous. Because that might never happen, do it because you love it. Don’t let it feel like a burden.

       I hope this helps anybody thinking about starting a Channel.                                      

Summer Challenge 2017

Welcome to Summer Challenge 2017!t-src17logo-webnobg


The Challenge is to write a book over the summer. to complete the challenge it can be a completed draft of your book, or a finished book. But it has to be a complete book, it can’t on be like five chapters long. It can be on what ever you want, let you Imagination soar. Just have fun with it. At the end of the Summer, when your done your book, comment the name of your book in the comments below.In the comment write a small bio on your book, because one lucky winner will receive a prize. I will read the winners book, and i will also write a review of there book on this Blog, I will also do a review of there book on my YouTube Channel. So make the small bio’s of your book interesting. If you guys have any questions please comment down below. HOPE YOU GUYS HAVE FUN!